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Scimpact reduces the cycle time for publishing and validating scientific results. With Scimpact’s all-digital platform, users can publish EACH experiment once the work is completed. After uploading, your results will be visible upon search and can be cited by other users. Finally, Scimpact will allow you to find researchers conducting similar experiments and connect you with them to foster collaboration, so that you can get the most out of all your data.


























Accelerate your project.


Project timelines for scientific research can often stretch beyond 5 years (considering a typical PhD in the biomedical sciences). Scimpact can reduce project timelines at multiple stages. Data doesn’t have to fit dogma or be “positive” to get reviewed, published and receive feedback on. Scimpact will facilitate connections between researchers in an unbiased way, allowing the data to drive collaboration.



































Crowd-sourced Reproducibility.


Whether you have completed a novel experiment, or conducted one that has already been done, in both cases your data is adding to the collective knowledge. When evaluating experimental therapies, too often validation experiments do not receive as much attention as novel experiments. Scimpact shows how often each experiment has been reproduced with similar results, or with different results. In addition, users can quickly review differences in materials and methods when comparing these results. Too often, these important differences are buried within conventional publications.






















Communication = Impact.


Here at Scimpact, we believe communicating results regularly and frequently can have a real impact on the progress of human knowledge and help you build your career as a research scientist. We are creating an intuitive platform that facilitates the communication of scientific results without a subjective determination as to their importance. Stories and connections between data and between researchers build natively, from the data up. Scimpact stories are communications that represent the culmination of this process. They include experiments that were demanded by the data!



Graph showing how Scimpact improves project timelines by allowing to publish all results compared to the conventional model.

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